The Winner of Gourmet South Moravia 2023

We won first place for the best establishment in the category of pubs and breweries in the Gourmet South Moravia 2023 project.


We are the Best Brewery in South Moravia according to Gourmet South Moravia 2023

We want to share with you the great news and huge success of our brewery.

On Friday, October 20th, we won the award for the best establishment in the category of Breweries and Beer Bars in the project Gourmet South Moravia 2023. We received the award at the ceremonial announcement at the Brno Exhibition Center, where a tasting of approximately 100 establishments took place, which made it into this guidebook in South Moravia or directly in Brno. During the announcement, we were pleasantly surprised to win our category.

Huge thanks go to our employees, who are the healthy heart of our establishment, and immense thanks to all our guests who help us build the story of the Lednice Brewery.

How did it all work?
Just like last year, the Central Office of Tourism of the South Moravian Region approached the general public in South Moravia. Food enthusiasts, gourmets, satisfied customers, and enthusiastic laypeople sent their tips for their favorite establishments. Their favorites were also nominated by mayors of towns and municipalities in South Moravia, information centers, and experts who are well-versed in tourist traffic.

Subsequently, several experts from the brewery owners, chefs, and other big names from the gastro scene independently visited us in a secret visit, evaluating primarily the taste, quality, and treatment of beer, as well as the assortment, food, environment, and other criteria.

We are glad that we impressed the judges and were chosen as the best in our category amidst tough competition.

Thank you!