IPA 14° - an English cult classic..


Girls brewed a great IPA..

On International Women's Day, March 8th, we hosted a cozy evening at the brewery with the band Dabljů, bringing pleasant sounds of saxophone and guitar to the brewery. The brewery was full of beautiful and friendly women who came to taste the IPA brewed by the girls from our brewery in collaboration with our brewmaster Prokop Herák, as part of promoting the Pink Boots Society, which supports women in brewing. We are glad that so many of you gathered and enjoyed the evening to the fullest.

But now let's focus on the IPA itself. Let's talk about its history and what makes ours so interesting.

The English cult classic and one of the cornerstones of the craft scene. Nowadays, we can find IPAs in many variations and flavors, from pale to black, from dry to full-bodied, but mostly heavily aromatic. So, where did this IPA actually come from?

At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries in England, a beer called Pale Ale began to be brewed, which was a top-fermented beer made from pale malts. Pale Ale was soon exported to colonial India, complementing the then-popular Porter. However, unlike black Porter, Pale Ale suffered more in the warm climate of India. Breweries began to hop it more heavily (even double hopping, including cold hopping) and ferment it more, to reduce residual sugar.

The Indian export beer market was not a significant item for the British Empire. The number of breweries supplying beer to the East India Trading Co. gradually decreased. By the end of the 18th century, most of the Indian market was dominated by Hodgson's Old Bow Brewery, located near the shipyards of London. Initially, Hodgson brewed Bitter and Porter, but it was his East India Pale Ale that was mainly exported to India. This beer was very similar to today's IPA, although instead of fruity aroma, it likely had a spicy and earthy flavor, hopped with the English variety East Kent Golding.

Even though Hodgson's influence gradually declined, India Pale Ale became firmly established in its homeland and essentially became a staple of English breweries.

Our fourteen-degree IPA is a beer of amber color, its full body with caramel tones is pleasantly complemented by the refreshing aroma of American hops - the varieties used, Mosaic and Citra, exhibit a strong peach and mango scent with hints of citrus. You'll find it on tap during every visit, as it's an important part of our regular offering!

IPA 14°

Alcohol: 5.1% ABV

Original Gravity: 14° Plato

PS: Available on tap and in bottles to go!

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